¿Sin plata, sin mucho tiempo pero con ganas de hacer ejercicio? esta web es tu salvación

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Ya no hay excusas para no hacer ejercicio y esta es una gran prueba.

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Está lleno de aplicaciones fitness, gratis y de pago con programas diarios, semanales o mensuales para conseguir metas reales sobre el cuerpo: adelgazar y tonificar, reducir o aumentar, todo según los objetivos de cada uno. Para todas se necesita una sola cosa: constancia.

De todo ese mar de aplicaciones FitnessBlender nos gustó mucho y por estas razones:

1. Es para todos: los que nunca han entrenado y los que sí

Puedes elegir entre workouts para principiantes y más elevados según tu nivel. Puedes elegir rutinas sin implementos o con. Cortas o largas, enfocadas en todo el cuerpo o por partes.

2. Organización

Cuando accedas a tu cuenta encontrarás este calendario que puedes ir llenando con los días de ejercicio y los días de descanso. Además puedes especificar qué tipo de rutina harás, así llevas todos tus movimientos registrados.


3. Los videos son muy explicativos

De hecho, si no sabes inglés, no importa, entenderás todas las instrucciones solo con mirar. Además, cada rutina está explicada en texto con todos los detalles: cantidad de calorías que quemarás, tipos de ejercicios y sus repeticiones, etc.

4. Disciplinas y tipos de entrenamientos para todos los gustos:

Cardio, HIIT, Pilates, equilibrio, tonificación, de bajo impacto, agilidad, etc. Además, hay rutinas que combinan estas opciones.


Sus creadores Daniel y Kelli son un matrimonio que siempre trabajó en el mundo fitnnes hasta decidieron dejar sus trabajos de tiempo completo en el 2012 todo para enfocarse en su proyecto personal.

Alright guys, because I can't keep a secret & I'd like your input on the title and hashtag, I'm going to tell you about the new program we're releasing just after New Years. It's a blend of both #FB30 and #FBfit. Each day, you'll be provided with a 30 minute workout (like FB30) and an optional workout that allows you to bump it up to a total of 45-50 minutes (like FBfit). This way, you get to pick which workout to do each day based on how much time you have and what works best for you. We're struggling with a title for the program, but are coming back to these: FBsweat // FBfit30 // FB30fit – But, as always, we're open to and looking for your suggestions. What do you guys think? I'm really excited about this program as we've never done anything like it and I think you'll really like the ability to bounce back and forth between 30-50 minute workouts, depending on what you feel like each day. In the meantime, you can find both FB30 & FBfit @ Any feedback is appreciated! K&D #fitnessblender Edit: So SO excited that you guys are excited & thanks so much for all of your feedback. You guys rock!

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A lot of you have been asking us about what happened to the new website… A few months ago we tried to officially launch our new site; after a great deal of money and 18 months of hard work, the new website would not stay online without crashing and we were forced to immediately switch back to our current website. Needless to say, there has been a lot of stress going on behind the scenes on our end; after significant time & money input, we currently have no rerelease date for a new site. This is a long story & a hard one to tell but we will be putting out a video on it in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, just know that our priority is bringing you a consistently awesome experience while you're on our content, and we're continually working hard to make that happen. More info coming soon. Hope you're all having a good day! K&D

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Y son muy honestos con las cosas que comparten con su comunidad:

All of this strength training is making me so bulky 😜 Jokes aside, I lost ~40 lbs by ditching overtraining and dieting (along with other disordered eating habits). Now I train for health, strength and functionality – I use solely @fitnessblender home workouts – I haven't even had a gym membership in years! I eat to nourish, & I eat to feel GOOD. There are no other secrets here; I don't use meal replacements, waist trainers, or weight loss teas, I have no diet "rules", I don't use fancy equipment (only dumbbells), no diet pills, I don't count calories, I will never again use any sort of wearable fitness technology, and I never, ever go hungry (seriously not even for a minute. You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry😜). This is a bit of a rant, but I just wanted to remind you; being healthy and fit is not as complicated or as expensive as most people make it out to be. It also doesn't have to be something that takes up a lot of your time (I usually only workout 3-6x/week for 25-50mins). You don't need 99% of all of the junk this industry is trying to sell you. You need your own bodyweight, some motivation, and maybe a set of dumbbells or music to get you through your workouts. Also remember that fitness looks different on everyone! Don't compare yourself to others, and try to speak to yourself kindly, like you would a friend. You are capable of making changes. Small changes can lead to big results; try doing something for yourself today that your body will thank you for; do a workout, drink a lot of water or eat a healthy meal. Better yet, do all of the above & repeat. #fitnessblender #FBFit #FB30 #eatrealfood #fitnessblenderbeforeandafter

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These pictures were taken 2 seconds apart. I wanted to share because a lot of you have asked about how I deal with body fluctuations throughout the month. In pic one, I'm pulling my core in; in the second picture, I have completely relaxed my currently bloated tum. Years ago, these temporary changes might have stressed me out, now, I don't care. The way I deal with (completely normal) body fluctuations is to try not to closely scrutinize my size, shape, or weight. I roll with the punches. Our bodies are CONSTANTLY changing; how much you've eaten, how often you eat, what you eat, exercise habits, hormones, hydration levels, stress levels, etc, etc can enormously impact your size and shape by the hour, day, week. I think that this can be especially hard to realize and really fully grasp when you are working hard to lose weight. Just keep this in mind & try to be forgiving of whatever your body might be up to at the moment; a slight variation from the direction that you have defined as "progress" is not reason to give up on exercise and healthy eating – two things we KNOW are good for our bodies and brains. So don't let those (again, completely normal) fluctuations derail you or make you think your efforts aren't worthwhile. Weight gain from your cycle will naturally drop off, so don't let it get you so frustrated that you actually end up sabotaging yourself with poor nutrition habits. My best advice; love your belly & body, even when it's bloated (if not even more so – cramps suck!!). Hope this helps! ❤️k @fitnessblender Repost from @kellisegars #fitnessblender

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