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Así reaccionaron las celebridades tras el último discurso de Obama

Por: - 11 de Enero de 2017

POTUS se va, y los famosos están viviendo el luto.

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El pasado martes fue el último discurso de Barack Obama como presidente de los Estados Unidos, y muchos de los famosos adherentes decidieron dedicar palabras y fotos de agradecimiento, no solo a él, sino que a su familia.

Aquí les mostramos algunas de las reacciones de las celebridades:

Katy Perry

Gigi Hadid

Thank you. ❤️

Una foto publicada por Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) el

Sharon Stone

From here with the Young Senator from Chicago to tonight inside the McCormack Auditorium. #obamafarewell. We will miss you.

Una foto publicada por Sharon Stone (@sharonstone) el

Jamie King

Thank you Mr. President Obama. Let us never forget- THIS is who we are. We are love, we are united, we are the dreamers that made manifest such glorious changes for our America- and our America is everyone’s to behold, all are welcome, all may be emboldened by the truth that our young country reaches its arms out high, wide and we fly with the Angels of Light. We are so blessed to have the privilege of democracy and made the choice to have you – YOU! The most incredible human elected as the leader of the free world. To have his family as our own. Let us honor and cherish your service Mr. President by continuing to do the work with such grace and empathy for all. This is not a goodbye, as the seeds you have planted have just began to sprout – we will water, nurture, toil the fields, preserve and do the work necessary so all can walk in purpose and awe in the gardens of freedom for all humankind. May God Bless You and Yours Always 💜

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Hailey Baldwin

Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Obama.

Una foto publicada por Hailey Baldwin (@haileybaldwin) el

Marc Jacobs

Thank you 🙏🏾 #ObamaFarewell

Una foto publicada por Marc Jacobs (@marcjacobs) el

Anna Dello Russo

#Repost @fashiontomax with @repostapp THANK YOU ❤❤❤ ・・・ #obamafarewell Thank you! #obama

Un vídeo publicado por Anna Dello Russo (@anna_dello_russo) el

Mayer Hawthorne

Miss you already. #obamafarewell

Una foto publicada por M A Y E R H A W T H O R N E (@mayerhawthorne) el


Misty Copeland

Kate Hudson

Lena Dunham

Mr President- my first vote ever was cast for you (in line behind Busta Rhymes no less! I ❤️ NY) and it will always be an honor and a privilege to have joined forces with other Americans to elect a leader I believed in with every cell of my being. Your dignity, grace and passion changed minds & lives. You are a relentless advocate, a kind fighter, a fearless feminist father. You are a paragon of decency and honor. Oh, and you’re fucking cool/funny. Like so many, I’m not ready to say goodbye. So I’ll just thank you and hope you know that you’re needed now more than ever (after a vacation. You and Michelle, your brilliant teammate, deserve a real umbrellas in your drinks vacation.) I hope you know that you don’t just leave behind broken hearts- you also galvanized us and readied us for this moment and I’ll watch that speech again any time I forget. I love you. Thank you.

Una foto publicada por Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) el

Bella Hadid

Thank you, I love you ❤🙏🏼💪🏽 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 #Obama #OURpresident.

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Reese Whitherspoon



Jessica Alba

Nicole Richie


Una foto publicada por @nicolerichie el

Rashida Jones

Thank you 🙏🏽

Una foto publicada por Rashida Jones (@rashidajones) el

Sin dudas que extrañaremos a POTUS…¿Qué dicen tú?

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